Our founder, Samantha  Stevens has always been of the entrepreneurial mindset and enjoyed working in Sales and Marketing.


While studying for her Master's degree in Legal and Small Business Administration from Denver University, she sold cars at a local Chevy dealership and working for several direct sales companies - twice becoming one of the top sellers in her region. 

 After graduation, she worked on building and managing small law firms. Her role as Office Manager required her to manage the marketing for the firm. Every time she would reach out to a firm, they would quote her large prices without any consideration of how small her budget or the business was.


Frustrated with not being able to find the help they needed - Samantha learned the skills on her own and built, managed, and maintained the online presence of the firms she managed and eventually of her customers whom she managed in the evening.


Bewitched Business Services was born in 2013 when Samantha began to take on clients in the evenings. She primarily focused on 4 main areas which are still the primary services offered by Bewitched Business today:


           - Facebook Advertising 

           - Social Media Management 

           - Website Design 

           -  Coaching and Consulting with new business owners on marketing strategy


In 2016 – Samantha decided that she would like to move out of managing law firms and work on running Bewitched Business Consulting full time. She knew that in order to make this a full business – she would need to get the certifications for the skills she had been developing.


In 2016 – Samantha went to Udacity and earned her certificates in Front end and Back End website design.


In 2017 – Samantha completed the Google Analytics Academy


In 2018 – Samantha completed the Facebook Blueprint Course


In Jan 2019 – Samantha quit her full-time job and launched Bewitched Business Consulting as her full-time job.


Bewitched Business Services has now tripled in size and has more resources to help small business owners all over the country grow and thrive! 




Samantha Stevens

Founder & CEO


Ms. Stevens began working on websites at around 13 years old with the help of her computer programmer parents. She has always had a passion for computers and creating things - but that passion showed its career path as she worked as an Office Administrator for a Denver law firm. 


After tackling marketing and website design for that firm, Sam went back to school to specialize her education in Facebook Advertising, SEO practices, and website design and has applied that knowledge to help small businesses maximize their online potential.

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