My business journey started in direct sales. 


I remember the excitement of getting that first starter kit and all of the hope for the future that it represented. 


I also remember how quickly the doubt started to set in - 


  • What do I do now?

  • How do I grow this business?

  • How do I not bug my friends and family?

  • Can I do this?

  • What steps do I need to take?


After hearing these same questions several times a week from both people just starting in direct sales and those who have been doing sales for years - I created the daily e-mail for my clients on what they can do that day to grow their business. ​



We give you a template on what to post each day to grow organic reach withing Facebook guidelines


Access to our live trainings  


Step-by-Step proven strategies to improve your marketing


Custom guides written by experts on relevant topics such as Facebook ads, creating smart goals and growing a business


Trainings and Tips on how to increase your sales through proven methods



Access to coaches by e-mail and in our private Facebook group - 

Expect advice at your fingertips. 

About Me

Samantha Stevens 

Growing businesses has always been a passion of mine - from becoming the top sales representative in my region to creating and growing a law firm in Denver from a small firm to one of America's top 100 firms. 


I am excited about the ability to bring strategies, advice, tips, and proven methods to your e-mail box each day. Together we can grow your business and help you find the way to reach your goals. 

If you are unhappy with our e-mails - we will refund your money within the first 7 days after purchase. 


We have no contacts - you can cancel your service at any time. 


The skill set and creativity of Samantha is amazing. Her ability to connect with her user-friendly, understandably and empathetically anticipate their needs is second to none. She is incredibly easy to talk to and is flexible in her vision so you can be confident in your ultimate satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending Samantha to anyone in need of her services." - Kathy Lyons

My name is Rocky Miller, I own an online subscription that focuses on helping customers with marketing and professional development components. I was introduced to Samantha through a friend of mine as my company needed some help. Samantha was efficient & time effective with my company's needs, she was detail oriented and drawn toward quality results. Samantha did an awesome job helping my company meet our deadlines, and grow our customer base this past year. The work that Samantha does is flexible and committed to the satisfaction of her clients. We truly appreciate all of the help she provided us in getting on track and moving toward our business goals

Ready to get Start succeeding?

Let me give you the tools you need to make your success happen! 

For less than $2.00 a day we will provide you with a daily e-mail that will lay out an action plan for you each day!

These tips, tricks, and strategies will help you move towards your goals and create the life you want! 

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