But I hate Facebook...

As a digital marketer, I am in a lot of online groups for other digital marketers. We talk about strategies, that mysterious Facebook algorithm, changes on Google, and clients. Because most of us work in our homes, this is pretty much the equivalent of bouncing ideas off of your co-workers.

The one thing that I am seeing more and more often is newer digital marketers asking if their client has to have a Facebook page. Often the business they are working with do not want to create one but want to run Facebook ads. They just don't see the point - they hate Facebook and don't want anything to do with the platform. We of course always answer them with yes, Facebook would require them to have a Facebook page to be able to run ads - but that got me thinking. Do you still need a Facebook page?

The question caused a research project that felt like it took an eternity - but the question was answers with yes - it is still relevant and important for a business to have a Facebook page - and here is why:

1) 1.19 Billion Users! This is the primary reason. Your customer is on Facebook - no matter what specialty or profession you are in - you can find that idea person on Facebook. Not only are there billions of people on Facebook -most users are spending several hours a day on the platform.

2) Lead Generation - Facebook has a lot of data points on every single user. If you want to be even more nervous about this - watch The Great Hack on Netflix! But while this is creepy from a consumer stand point - this is gold from a marketing stand point. We can target those ads to the perfect consumer for your business. Think this is unethical? We have been doing this for years - we were just doing it in magazines. This is the same concept. You subscribe to things that you like to read and look at - and the marketers then send you information that matches that interest.

3) Cheapest form of marketing - Facebook is the cheapest form of marketing out there. If you want to start a business page - it cost you $0.00. Maybe some money for the artist who designed your profile and cover photo and the freelancer who set up the page for you - but none of that is required. Running ads cost 1/3 of the what an advertisement in the local newsletter or mailer cost - and this ad is targeted to just your ideal client so you aren't throwing money down the drain (or into the trash can).

4) Facebook Insights - The facebook insight system is a robust set of information. We can tell you who is looking at your post, what their ages are, and how they found you. Using that information - you can lower your marketing cost even more but you can also get a good look into who your products are appealing to.

5) Brand Loyalty- we have all heard those news stories of the viral Facebook post. This works for band loyalty as well. People get to know you and your brand. They learn more about you then just your products - they learn what you stand for, where your values are - and all of this translates into sales. It has been said for a long time that people buy from people they like, know and trust. Facebook gives you a great platform to start building those relationships.

7) Increase traffic - Facebook automatically will drive business to your website. IT draws more attention to your brand and provides you with links back to your content. This will improve your google rating and all around raise awareness of your brand.

8) Mobile readiness - Facebook is optimized for the cell phone and it is easy for people to find you on Facebook. They can see your hours of operation, reviews, phone number, and address all in a snapshot view.

9) Easy to use - Facebook knows that businesses advertise on Facebook - so they try to make Facebook easy to use for businesses. With the ability to program out your post for the future, run your page from business manager, and step by step instructions on how to complete things - Facebook makes it simple for you to engage and interact with your customers.

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