Making your business pandemic-proof

When I started my business - I made a lot of contingency plans.

What if I get sick?

What if I can't figure this out?

What if I can't find clients?

What if there is a global pandemic that forces me into my house for two months was not on the list.... but it is now! The trust is, most of us didn't see this coming and now we are forced to change the way we look at our business lives. One thing I do know about entrepreneurs though - they are hard to stop! Moving your business online is the most important thing you can do right now to insure survivial.

Here are five ways to keep your business going and growing over the next few months!

1) Grow your Email List

There is a lot of great software out there to build your e-mail list on so pick the one that works best for you - but be sure you create an e-mail list. This is one of the most crucial parts of online marketing right now. E-mail is still the best form of online marketing with the highest ROI. The number of people who use e-mail is well over 4 billion and during this time of isolation - people will be using e-mail even more than they have in the past.

Email marketing also allows you to be in complete control of your audience. You control that list of e-mail addresses and can use it no matter which e-mail provider you are using. You also have the ability to target them in other places such as Facebook and YouTube.

2) Build a way to buy online

With the brick and mortar stores closed - people are starting to buy online. Just look at the Amazon hiring surge happening right now! So - if your retail store doesn't have an online storefront - now is the time to build it!

3) Touch base with your prospects

Reach back out to those people who have been prospects in the past. Touch base with them and see how they are doing. Start to build those relationships now so that it can turn into business later.

4) Work on your content

Value-based content is the king on the internet. Anything, where you are helping the potential client solve a problem, is a good piece of content. That content can be used for Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, or a host of other places!

Take this downtime and create that content. Write out the FAQs that people always ask you about, make the checklist, record a video, or just take the time to update your blog.

5) Schedule out your Facebook Posts

Have some downtime? Schedule out a few months of your social media posts!

You can schedule your post up to a year in advance.

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