To Tweet or not to tweet

Everyday someone tells you that you must do something in regards to your business. You must be on Facebook, you must tweet 3 times a day, you must be in Instagram, you must be running ads to attract people into your sales funnel...

In most cases, these people are trying to help. They have success in what they are doing and they want to share the success with you. But the problem is - they don't know their business and not all social media platforms are created the same. Today we are going to look at the different social media platforms out there and try to determine which ones are best for which kinds of business: 1) Facebook Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. It currently has over 2 billion users online and each of those users are spending an average of 3 hours a day on the platforms. This is a very engaged audience and because of the sheer size of the platform - you can pretty much find anyone on Facebook - if they have internet access. This means that your customer base has a presence on Facebook. Because of the overall broad reach of the platform - Facebook is the only platform that I suggest every business be on. It gives you the opportunity to find and directly connect to your audience - and it only takes a few minutes to create posts that hundreds can see. As a marketing platform - it is really the most powerful. 2) Linked-in When you think of Linked-In - think of professionalism at it's best. This community is a place for business owners and workers to connect on a business level and share information that relates to the business world. Because of the business undertones of Linked-In and the fact that most people do not visit it on a day to day basis - Linked-In is best for content and services that are Business 2 Business instead of Business 2 Consumer. The decision makers of the business are on Linked -In and you can have a direct route to them. 3) Twitter Twitter is a steady stream of information coming at you all the time. The information is focused on topics you are interested in. Think of it as your own personal news station - if the news was to come at you in 280 characters. Twitter is ideal for businesses that want brand awareness and can blast a concise and informative post - in very few words. There are some great brands who have run some massive campaigns on Twitter and had great success - but for the every day small business - you may just get lost in the noise. 4) YouTube - With the world starting to favor video -and with our favorite search engine (Google) owning it - loading your videos to YouTube just make sense. When creating video content for your Facebook page or website - upload it to YouTube first. This will have the video show up in several places and help expand the viewing of that video. Want to make a 1 on 1 strategy plan on how your business can use Social Media in their marketing? Schedule now under the Book Now Tab!

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